The Vibe Rise is a podcast and website that seeks to curate and create content for Black Women who find themselves on a unique spiritual journey, but don’t quite know where to turn for support or resources.  These women may be referred to as ‘woo woo’, but I like to call them ‘enlightened’ or ‘conscious’.

Many Black Women have been raised in a very specific religious tradition, with very specific, socially acceptable ways to express spirituality.  Each organized religion comes with its own customs and familial traditions and for many of us, we have opted to keep those things that we value and open our minds to pieces of other religions to incorporate into our own practices. However, many Black Women have not been encouraged to seek our own beliefs and find our own way. To the contrary, we have been discouraged and judged for questioning these beliefs or have family members who don’t understand our openness to other concepts of God and/or how to connect with our source.  The Vibe Rise was created with this experience in mind.  We will be your support, we will support your journey, and we will form community.

The Vibe Rise also recognizes that women of color have been in this spiritual space for centuries as all of these concepts existed in many of the oldest civilizations on earth.  However, many of the ‘thought leaders’ and platforms within this space have been largely silent on the issues faced by marginalized communities and have not offered very diverse voices.  This site seeks to elevate these voices.

Raise Your Vibration. ‘The Vibe Rise’.  We are all made up of energy and we are constantly attracting what we put out into the world through our thoughts, words, and actions.  The content on The Vibe Rise seeks to help you keep your vibration high so that you can regularly attract the experiences you desire.  The goal is to provide you with the tools and resources that will support your efforts to keep your vibes high regardless of your daily experiences.

Soul Growth. Each of us is on a journey in this classroom called Earth.  This site seeks to provide you tools, resources, and community that will help your soul to grow and to evolve.  It will not be easy and all lessons are not learned quickly, but it will be worth it!  You are among a community of seekers who have been where you are or will be where you are. You are not alone.

Spiritual Growth. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey.  You will take steps forward, you will take steps backwards, and you will sometimes feel like you are walking in place.  You will learn and relearn lessons until you receive the messages and the direction that they are trying to impart.  Accept this truth, do the work, and grow your soul.

The Vibe Rise does not claim to have all of the answers, or to be experts, but we do claim to provide you with the best information that we can based on personal experience.

All Religions/Spiritual Seekers Welcome! This site will help to strengthen your walk with God and give you the ability to hear and receive those messages easier.  You will learn to trust your intuition and live a more soul centered life.  These concepts are for all individuals who seek God and are open to the many ways to be in contact with the spirit world.  The Vibe Rise is not here to evangelize or to convince you of the value of any of the concepts mentioned.  This is a judgement free zone.  We will provide the information and you can take and use what you need. No pressure.