Hello! My name is Margaret and I am a 30-something living in Atlanta, Georgia.  I started my spiritual journey in 2013 when I was living in Arequipa, Peru.  I had been living there for over a year, with no trips to visit my family and I had an immense feeling of being alone.  One call with an amazingly gifted psychic and my entire world was changed.  I began to realize that there was more to life than I ever imagined and I became obsessed with learning about the world around me, seen and unseen.  Books began to fall off the shelves, resources popped up on my path ‘randomly’, and gifts and messages were everywhere.  It was like waking up from a deep sleep and now I was living life from a conscious perspective.  I had to begin to unlearn all of the ways that I had existed previously, and begin to learn how to exist in the world with true faith and an open heart.  We arrive on this earth with everything that we need within us, we just need the tools and the guidance to access these gifts.  A purpose driven, conscious existence is our inheritance.

As I began to dig into ‘New Age’ spirituality, I noticed that none of the ‘thought leaders’ in this space looked like me.  Which means that their perspectives and life experiences were a bit different as well.  At the time, it didn’t particularly strike me as odd, but as you learn more about these so called ‘New Age’ concepts, you will learn that they are not new.  These concepts originate from societies and cultures of color….so where are the Black Women in this space?  Now let me be clear, this takes nothing away from the existing thought leaders, as they have contributed significantly to my journey and I plan to highlight many of them on this site.  However, Black Women have been in this space for centuries and we must elevate their voices and experiences. We are living in very difficult times for people of color and to experience that as also a woman, can be challenging.  We need tools. We need resources. We need community.

I really wanted to create a space for Black Women who are spiritual (woo-woo as they say), but also aware of what is happening in our world. It is my goal to push forward resources that have helped me along the way, and to make your journey a bit easier by putting new information on your path.  I hope that by finding this site, you have found your tribe and that you get what you need.  We are real women, dealing with real life, and doing the best we can.