When deciding to start The Vibe Rise, I began to listen to podcasts by women entrepreneurs of color.  I wanted to stay motivated and prepare for the obstacles that can get in the way of forward motion.  Things like self doubt, fear, and procrastination can stop your dreams in their tracks and I want to help you to avoid those pitfalls. One of the podcasts that I found was the Happy Black Woman Podcast and it was a fantastic find.  In this episode, the host, Rosetta Thurman, covers a topic that I had never heard of, but one that I have definitely experienced…..The Lizard Brain.  Take a listen to this quick episode and get your entire life!

Episode Description:

I’m back with a very special show, pulled right out of our annual Manifest Your Vision Mindset Retreat that was held a few weeks ago. This year’s event was so transformational that I wanted to give you a little peek inside the magic! So this episode is an actual teaching segment from the event and it’s all about understanding the mental barriers that hold us back from achieving our big goals. I explain a powerful concept called the “lizard brain” and why it’s a source of fear, procrastination and perfectionism for so many women.