Astrology is one of those things that can be hit or miss.  We all love to read our horoscope for the month and think about all of the ways it could be true, but many times those are just a shot in the dark.  However, when you find an astrologer that is truly talented and can educate you on astrology in the process, you hold on tight and support that person and their gifts. Chani Nicholas has been that for me. I do not quite remember how I stumbled onto her page, but after purchasing one of her eclipse readings I was absolutely sold.  Without fail, the days she mentioned to watch out for and the moments she said would be important during that particular cycle were all on point.

One thing I love about Chani is that she is super relevant and not afraid to speak on what is happening in current events.  She is able to relate astrology to the events we are seeing in our own political and social landscapes.  We need more strong voices that are willing to have opinions and stand up for those marginalized voices that are so often overlooked.  Chani is fearless in that way and I appreciate her work.

I give her services a 10/10 stars as I think she is very talented and super accurate.  If there were an option for a live reading with Chani, I believe that would take her over the top.  Her readings are affordable and vey timely.  She is fantastic!