Angel Numbers are an amazing gift from our Angels and Spirit Guides.  It is a way to be aware of the constant connection and support that we have with our Angels and Spirit Guides who guide and protect us daily.  Do you notice repeating sequences of numbers showing up on your path repeatedly? If so, it is not a coincidence. These are messages from your team and these are messages that you should immediately google to understand the messages they are trying to bring you.  The guidance can be very comforting and actually show you that you are on the right track.  I see these occurrences as ways to really feel as though I am following and hearing my own intuition, which is major goal of mine.

Hailey Reese has a really great video that gives a quick introduction to Angel numbers so take a look and share your thoughts.  Pay attention to the world around you and if you feel like you keep seeing a certain number, google it and see what it means.  I have a feeling that you’ll find that the number is right in line with what you are experiencing in your daily life.  For a great site that helps you to decipher Angel Number meanings, try Joanne Sacred Scribes. She is great!