Let’s face it…we ALL need therapy.  If you have been on this earth for longer than a month, then you probably need someone to talk to about the things that you are experiencing.  As women of color, who are tasked with being strong, beautiful, soft, balanced, successful, educated, and the list goes on…life is stressful!  You need someone to talk to, someone that can help you process what you are experiencing, and someone trained to help you figure out successful ways to cope with those things.  Gone are the days where you must suffer in silence.  If you know better, then allow yourself to do better and get the mental support that you need so that you can continue being your best self.

This particular podcast episode by Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is outstanding for starting your quest towards finding a therapist and for working to remove any stigma that you may still have about that process.  Take a listen and subscribe on itunes or soundcloud.  Also check out the Therapy for Black Girls Website to begin the process of finding a therapist in your area.