Oracle Cards, according to are cards with no set structure that can be used for short term questions that require reflection and soul searching.  You ask them questions like:

  • What do I need to know today?
  • How do I resolve this situation?
  • What does the future hold with this person or this situation?
  • What should I be focused on?
  • How to I accomplish xyz goal?

I first became aware of Oracle Cards around 2016 and I have been using them ever since.  They have been a great tool for the toolkit and can bring immediate guidance and relief to life’s pressing situations.  As someone who is still learning to hear and trust my intuition, Oracle Cards are a great way to confirm my ‘gut feeling’, but also to receive messages and guidance from spirit.  When I am feeling anxious, scared, happy, sad, etc., I pull these cards to see if I can glean any guidance from my angels and guidance.  I also pull cards for the New Moon and the Full Moon as an added boost to my rituals during those times.   The decks that I currently use are ‘Ask Your Guides’ by Sonia Choquette and ‘Daily Guidance from your Angels’ by Doreen Virtue.  These cards have been so useful for me so I really wanted to share them with our community.

How I use my Oracle Cards:

  1. Shuffle the deck well
  2. Set my intention for the deck itself (If its my first time using them or if I’ve used them for someone else.)
  3. Thump the deck to remove any energy blocked in the cards. (If you have used the deck on someone else, you should always do this prior to pulling cards for yourself or for anyone new as you will continue to pull cards that apply to the last person it was used for.)
  4. Fan the cards out on a flat surface.
  5. Get quiet, close my eyes, and ask my team to please help me with pulling a card.  I ask a question:
    1. What do I need to know?
    2. What guidance can you give about xyz situation?
  6. I then run my hand above the cards, without touching them, and with my eyes closed.
  7. Only you will know when it’s time to pull a card, but for me I feel a tingle in my finger and a strong urge to pull the card.
  8. I pull the card and keep an open mind. (Recognizing that spirit may have decided to offer guidance on something that I actually have not asked about.)
  9. I then read the card and begin to interpret what I believe the guidance and the message of this pull is. If I am confused or need additional clarity, I ask my team to please clarify or make it plain and I pull another card.

Sometimes you will try to pull one card and get three.  Don’t struggle with those cards, pull all of the cards that easily come to you, as these may contain a grouping of messages (or provide clarity).  You will know what they apply to. Only through regular practice will you begin to gain confidence in your cards and your ability to interpret messages from them. 

Soon you will be pulling cards for friends and encouraging others, while also helping yourself!