Like many of you, I was on the hunt for purpose and passion, and I wanted to do work that was aligned to what I felt like I was put on this earth to do. I prayed for guidance and created daily affirmations that would push my subconscious in the direction of my dreams.  In that process, I stubbled across a gem called Blossom.  This is a website that pushed me in the direction of my dreams and gave me the courage to move forward with starting The Vibe Rise.  I learned the power of curation and allowing yourself to grow as you learn.  I also learned that there is an army of women out there creating content specifically for women of color…and I wanted to be a part of that mission.

Blossom offers really great content for women of color and it is truly feel good vibes.  They have talk shows, short stories, documentaries, and the list goes on.  I love that the creators have the courage to trust themselves and their talents enough to bring this content forward.  Check them out, you wont be disappointed!

About Blossom: 

Blossom is a lifestyle and media network. We produce and curate branded content and events focused on highlighting the culture of minority women in the film, tv, and digital media industries. Through our own OTT platform and third-party content partners, we distribute award-winning short films, web series, talk shows, independent feature films, and docu-series that are focused on telling stories about Black, Latinx, Asian, African, and multi-racial women. By elevating our audience, and providing relatable content, we vindicate every experience for every woman. Through strength and sisterhood, we inspire and unite; pushing through the cracks of mainstream media, we blossom.