I am back! Season 2 has begun and episode 1 is here.  I had to take some time before I jumped back into recording podcast episodes because I was drained and also I didn’t feel inspired.  So I listened to that feeling and decided to give myself a chance to rest and recharge so that I could return with content that I could be proud of.

In episode 1,  I focus on how to plug into your source so that you can show up as your best self and hear your spiritual team clearly. If you are blocked and cannot hear your source, you will not be the light that we need you to be here on this earth.  We are all beings powered by our Holy Creator. Without that power, we are not walking in our purpose or our power as divine beings.  Take a listen to this episode and hear Five Ways to Plug into Source and I can tell you that I am actively using them all currently to be productive and purposeful as we deal with stressful moments, COVID, separation from our families, and cold weather months.

My Five Ways to Plug into Source

Be Creative

  • Find ways to let your mind wander while you work on a creative project, which will invite more inspiration and purpose into your life

Get Organized

  • Take some time to organize and cleanse your space.  Sage, incense, fresh flowers and cute organizers will transform the energy in your space.

Get Healthy

  • Moving your body and filling it with healthy, whole foods will quickly allow you to receive messages from spirit and plug into our Holy Creator.  Have you noticed that you get amazing ideas and inspiration while you are exercising?  This is no surprise.
    • For Fitness Plans: Massy Arias
    • For Awesome Meals: Fit Men Cook

Just Do It!

  • That thing you’ve been procrastinating on….Just do it! Take the first step and allow the universe to speak and meet you half way.  When you take action, the path will show up and you will be divinely guided just for taking a leap of faith.  That is not to say that you will not have hiccups and have to refine your idea at times, but you will know that you are also supported in all that you are doing.

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