In doing research on fabulous content for The Vibe Rise, I came across the Building You Up Podcast is by Ellaspeakz and let me tell you…she is just what the community needs!  Her podcasts are relatable and timely.  This particular episode really resonated with me as this is something that we all struggle with.  Though it looks like she may be on a break with posting new podcasts, take a look at what she does have.  You won’t be disappointed.

Podcast Description:

Talking about Mental Health in a way that everyone can understand from the perspective of an Afro-Latinx conquering Mental Health. Every week, Ella offers unique insights, that will help you, help yourself optimize your Mental Health. Ella is an Afro-Peruvian Peer Support Specialist, who uses her social media platform to uniquely discuss, as well as, challenge the narrative around Mental Illness, Mental Health, Self Care & Body Image.