So you’ve started the process of consciousness or ‘waking up’ and you want to begin to explore the different ways in which you can connect with God, the universe, angels, guides and ancestors? Wait, so you probably haven’t gotten THAT far, but the key is that you are open to it. Your mind is opening, your heart is ready, and your soul is begging to be fed. So where do you start?

Ask. Ask your holy creator, spiritual team and/or whomever you see as your ‘help’ or your ‘source’, for guidance and protection as you start this process. Begin to prepare yourself because they WILL provide. Ask for them to intervene in your life and make themselves known.  Ask them to show and provide resources and tools along this journey. But most importantly, ask them to open your mind and heart to the information that you are seeking to receive.

Pay Attention. Once you begin to seek, you will notice that books will fall off the shelves, new topics will land in your lap and pique your interest, tools and resources will become clear, and like minded souls will find you.  Hopefully The Vibe Rise is the beginning or a continuation of that experience. You will also notice that butterflies appear randomly, birds land on your window sill with ease, and feathers fall into your path out of nowhere.  These are not random occurrences, this is your team letting you know that they are with you, hear your prayers, and are available to help.

You Will Be Challenged. You will learn and read of things that really challenge the way you were raised and what you’ve believed the majority of your life. There is no pressure to grasp or believe all of these topics. Take what you need and move forward, recognizing that you are on a journey and will evolve along the way.  What speaks to your journey now, may not speak to you in a year, but every piece makes up the larger puzzle of spiritual growth. The Vibe Rise will provide information on various topics and as mentioned, not all of it will resonate with you directly or immediately. That is ok. This is YOUR journey, take what you need.

Gratitude. Thank your creator and your spiritual team often.  They are happy to help you and want to know that you receive and appreciate the help.  This gratitude also helps you to see and acknowledge what is being done in your life. When good and bad things happen in your life say ‘Thank You’ as a sign of faith and acknowledgement that the story is just beginning.

Remember, we are all on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not (thank you Auntie Marianne). Do not judge your journey or the journey of others, only support and seek to understand the process.  Be thankful that you have been given the gift of consciousness and the opportunity to fully own your journey.

You are not alone,