Marianne Williamson is a fantastic teacher and an overall amazing resource to have as you embark on this spiritual journey. She is a spiritual leader that identifies with, and comments on, the current events of the day. I love her because she does not avoid addressing what people of color are experiencing in the world and because of that her content is always timely.  One of the services that she offers weekly live chats. They are free and always right on time. I have seen a couple of these and always have major takeaways from these livestreams. One in particular really hit home for me.

In this particular livestream, Marianne said something to the effect of , when you invite God or spirit into your relationships, be prepared for things to get shaken up, exposed, and uncomfortable.  What she meant by this is that we are all ultimately in this classroom called Earth, in order to grow our souls through worldly and spiritual experiences. Once you are aware of this purpose, you are conscious and actively seeking experiences that will allow you to grow, learn, and leave your mark.  That said, this seeking applies to all areas of your life (love, career, family, finances, etc.).

The unconscious, mediocre relationships and connections of the past are no longer enough, the dispassionate job is no longer easy to go to, and the things that no longer serve your growth stick out like sore thumbs.  This is the point where many of us begin to call on spirit for ‘help”

  • Holy Creator, please bring more passion and connection into my relationship
  • Angels and guides, please help me to find and nurture my purpose. Allow me to live a purpose driven life in my career and in my day to day ventures.
  • Universe, please bring me a community of like minded, conscious seekers that can support my journey and whose journey I can support.

And unbeknownst to us, this is the moment that action begins. Your relationships come into plain view and you begin to notice things about your partner and the relationship that you successfully ignored and tolerated for months, even years.  You begin to develop a clear sense of what you need from the relationship and from your partner in order for it to align with your new level of awareness. Your partner may even begin to notice things in you and articulate their own needs for the future.  And the relationship begins to grow and evolve or it begins to fall away. Falling away isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we must shed old things in order for them to be built more beautifully, but sometimes we need to shed things so that some thing more serving can fill its place.  This can also happen with a career or a job that is no longer serving you. You may walk in and find out that you’ve been laid off and your world as you’ve known it has been thrown on its head.

These sorts of awakenings and impositions of spirit can happen in all areas of your life and let me be the first to say that they are rarely ever comfortable.  As you are going through all of it, none of it may make sense and it will probably be immensely painful, but remember in the midst of your confusion and your pain to say ‘Thank You’.  You don’t know it at the time, but this is exactly what you asked for when you invited spirit in. You decided to stop controlling everything and to let your source intercede. Trust the process and let spirit do the work that you asked it to do.  You will come out on the other side better, stronger, more enlightened, and ready to receive everything that you have prayed for and manifested.

You are not alone,